More about Leeks and Limoni

Although I was born in Chester, I spent most of my childhood in Wales; this is 'home' for me and this is where I've come back to live, after university (London), a year in France and ten years in Italy.

GL and I love all kinds of food  (Japanese and Korean are current faves) but the main influence at home is obviously Italian. The Welsh side mainly comes into it with the fantastic local produce we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep - amazing lamb and beef, organic milk and cream and some great artisan cheeses amongst other things.

The food I write about and show on the blog is the food we eat. Recipes are nearly always my own; when I use someone else's, I clearly state where and who it came from. Likewise, the photos are mine.
If anyone ever wants to use anything from my blog, just let me know and acknowledge where it came from.

Thank you for dropping by!

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